While my wife’s wrongful death case still is being decided, I just love how this law firm cares for people they represent and I feel so better after talking to my lawyer on a monthly base. He always reassures me that things will be great ahead. Looking forward to ending this soon and I am thankful to them for all that they do for me!


– Karla Hawley


I slipped and fell inside my apartment complex when walking down stairs, resulting in bad back. I was pleased to find this law firm. They took my case and also believed in me. They even got the doctor to perform my back surgery. They then filed a lawsuit on my behalf. The insurance company still continued to deny my case. My lawyer persisted. The final verdict was in my favor and I was satisfied with the decision.


– Donald Hill


My experience with this firm was great and I’d recommend them to anybody who needs a personal injury lawyer. I’ve to say, every one I worked with, was kind, accurate, and very helpful. Thank You for all your work and efforts.


– Lucia Turner


I am highly satisfied with the results that this law firm got for me. Their attentiveness, professionalism, and friendliness were exceptional. They listened carefully to me, answered all my questions, advised and always kept me informed. It was a very refreshing experience after bad accident.


– Kim Reed